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Trading Explorers of Calypso

Bring PE-ople closer


July 18th

Official launch of the trading explorers website, over the next few weeks a much more sleeker and sexier looking website will be implemented. But for the mean while this site will serve to provide links and information to anyone who may wish to browse these pages.

As part of the Calypso trading alliance all members of our society benefit from a few plans laid out during alliance meetings. The main being a trade agreement, where we can purchase items at a lower than market price value. We are also advised to sell any items that some one else in the alliance may wish to buy at a fair price.

The calypso trading alliance consists of the following societies:

 Calypso special forces

 Calypso special forces boot camp

 Calypso dealers

 Trading explorers of calypso

 Play It


More information about society and alliance related matters will be reported on soon.